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The best application for Auctions Limited in Riyadh for marketing and selling products that have lost, damaged, and decreased value of cosmetics

Application features

The application has many features, including:

Easy browsing

Users can view the ads and auctions available in the application without having to register in it.

easy communication

Users can contact the seller easily by calling.

Easy search

Users can search for cars, trucks, electronic devices or any product offered by the seller easily.

Select an area

Users can select the auction area as Riyadh or Mecca.

Determine the payment method

Users can select payment and shipping method.

Auction end date

Users can select when the auction will end.

Buyer and seller website

Users can locate seller and buyer.

Determine the maximum price

Users can select the maximum price they are willing to pay in the auction.

About us

Saum Auctions Company Limited, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. . Leveraging leading technology and focusing on innovation, Sawm’s unique platform makes it easier to market and sell total loss, damaged and low value vehicles. Buyers have access to multiple digital bidding and purchasing channels, innovative vehicle merchandising, and efficient valuation services, enhancing the overall buying experience. Sawm Auctions offers sellers a comprehensive range of services aimed at maximizing the value of the vehicle, reducing administrative costs, shortening the selling cycle time and achieving the highest economic returns.

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