common questions

Sawm is the leading auction platform developed and operated by the Sawm Auction Establishment, which enables beneficiaries to conduct bidding operations and put forward assets to be sold easily and safely. In compliance with the laws of holding auctions, buying and selling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The seller advertises through the application and then the buyer subscribes to one of the available subscription packages so that he can make the bid. If the seller agrees to the bidding price, the buyer then communicates with the seller because it is the sale process outside the application. And under the responsibility of both parties and without the application of hawm any responsibility.

Even auction manipulation by some users is avoided.

The application commission is 1% of the value agreed between the seller and the buyer. The seller is the one who has to pay it.

The commission is paid through the mada payment network or by bank transfer to the site’s account, which is shown in the commission calculator.

Car showrooms can participate by contacting us on the following number 0550892006

Exhibitions registered on the exhibitions page do not have to pay commission.

You can enter and watch the live auction. But you must subscribe to the auction.

Not. The seller can refuse the price. The item can be put back into auction the next day.

The auction starts at four thirty in the afternoon Saudi time.